Next webcast from Dzamling Gar 

March 31 - April 3, 2018

Tenerife time [gmt+1:00]

31st March 
9:30-12:30pm Presence & Awareness morning session
2:30-05:00pm Presence & Awareness afternoon session
5:30pm Short Mandarava Ganapuja with Namkha & Lungta

1st April
10.00-12.00pm  International Dzogchen Community Annual General Meeting(IDC AGM)

    1.    Registration of voting members
    2.    Presentation of 2017 Annual Report
    3.    Approve 2017 financial statement
    4.    History & Evolution of IDC’s Mission
    5.    Proposed 2018 IDC budget
    6.    Approve 2018 IDC mission and budget
    7.    International Gakyil Succession

2:00-4:00pm International Coordination Committee (ICC)
meeting of all Gyakil Members of International Dzogchen Community

2nd April     
10:00-12:30pm  Presence & Awareness morning session
2:30-05:00pm  Presence & Awareness afternoon session

3rd April
10:00-12:30pm  Presence & Awareness morning session
2:30-05:00pm  Presence & Awareness afternoon session


In a world overburdened with movement, tension, and distraction, it is becoming increasingly essential that we find ways to relax, coordinate mind and energy. Recognizing the importance of harmonizing thought and feeling within the context of our complicated and multi faceted lives, Dzamling Gar, on behalf the International Dzogchen Community and Shang Shung Foundation, is happy to organize this event.

Instructors from the International Dzogchen Community will present brief talks on this subject and then give advice on how methods of practical training can be applied. Perspectives on this training will also be introduced by yoga and dance instructors.

"Mindfulness", rendered by Dzogchen Master Chögyal Namkhai Norbu as "presence", is a means of bringing ones attention into the experience of the present moment. Many scientific studies have proven its benefits in improving general well-being, and mental and emotional health while eliminating stress and other causes of disease.

List of presenters and titles:

1. Elio Guarisco - Finding mindful presence in cognitive processes
2. Igor Legati - I like and I don't like as the source of all our problems: the solution depends on ourselves, not on anything else.
3. Steven Landsberg - Presence, Well Being, and a Happy LIfe
4. Lukas Chmelik - Understanding and application of Presence and Awareness in meditation and daily life
5. Monica Gentile - Exploring our intention
6. Stoffelina Verdonk - What, why, how is Presence and Awareness? Calming the mind.
7. Igor Berkhin - What is mind?
8. Fabio Risolo - Introduction to Meditation
9. Oliver Leick - Presence and Awareness for Contemporary Youth
10. Patrizia Pearl - Harmonious breathing

11. Fabio Andrico - Yantra yoga - Presence and Movement
12. Maaja Zelmin - Yantra yoga - Presence and Awareness in Yantrayoga



Please contact your local Gar or Ling to renew your membership for the current year!

It’s easy to mistake official membership in The International Dzogchen Community as something separate from the View, Meditation, and Behavior of a Spiritual Teaching like Dzogchen itself; after all, many students are attracted to Rinpoche because he offers something so direct and close to the essence, free from the limitations of conventional institutions that often seem to dilute people’s access to The Dharma in so many societies around the world. Seeing Membership as this “thing” apart from what our Teacher transmits makes it appear like an unnecessary formal obligation, a burden imposed by just another bureaucracy going in the opposite direction of what the Teaching is all about, right?

Actually, wrong. The Membership is actually a fully integrated part of the View, Meditation, and Behavior of what Rinpoche has dedicated his life to upholding in the best way possible. Seeing ourselves as an interdependent part of the greater whole, our Sangha, is a perfect manifestation of that reality. Membership is our personal contribution—participating with our body, speech, and mind—to the continuation of the Teaching. It's not a number, or a passport, or a card, that lets us do stuff like Yantra Yoga, Vajra Dance, Khaita or other courses, or Retreats with Rinpoche (of course many of those are now offered on the donation basis of Generosity). It’s how we support Rinpoche’s vision for the world he has created, and how we become active participants and co-creators building that world. Do we want that world to continue to thrive and grow, develop and support itself into the future? Membership is an expression of that aspiration. Everybody everywhere is conditioned by their own situation, and prefers to do different secondary practices at different times, but the practice of Guru Yoga is truly what we all share all the time. Similarly, everybody contributes to The Community in their own unique ways, big and small, in whatever works for them in their own circumstances, but Membership is what we can all do to uphold what Rinpoche has given to our lives. And allow others to receive that benefit. Never forcing.

Recently, Rinpoche needed to protect his health and decided it was best for a period of time not to travel around the world and offer many Retreats as he has for decades. His schedule in 2018 will take him to many places again, and perhaps there will be many new Members that arrive to The International Dzogchen Community. Renewing and maintaining our Membership is actually a key part of our role as students in both situations, whether we are physically around Rinpoche or not. It is a function of our correct understanding of The View, Meditation, and Behavior of Rinpoche’s Teaching. We are individual students who make up The Sangha of Chögyal Namkhai Norbu, and this is a concrete expression our knowledge and our commitment.


Thank You for Your Participation

With love Yours

International Gakyil




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