You can now use your login and password if you have registered and paid your membership online.

Old style webcast usernames and passwords will continue to work until the end of this year.

If you had special permission to access closed webcasts and replays without being a member of the Dzogchen Community, please email to explain your circumstances and receive a new log in and password.

Students who have participated in a given retreat, whether in person or via webcast, can request a copy of the audio recording, from the Archives of the Shang Shung Foundation. In order to request your copy, either as a CD or a downloadable MP3 file, write to: specifying time, place and title of the retreat. If you prefer a CD , specify it in your email to determine the shipping costs and agree to any other terms and conditions. Please note that some retreats may take longer before being uploaded from the respective sources to our archive systems.

A minimum donation of 15€, required to cover the archival work, is requested for the download of the recordings of each whole retreat. You can make your donation using the Paypal link below:


Recordings of retreats with Chögyal Namkhai Norbu older than 1 year currently cannot be made available. Other audio recordings of recent retreats, public talks, conferences, seminars, etc. can still be requested, using the same process described above, through

A complete series of teachings and related practices can also be purchased through the Shang Shung Publications webstore: