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III Integrative Medicine Conference

15-16 April 2016

Integrative Medicine adopts a holistic approach to the treatment of patients and combines techniques from traditional, conventional and complementary medicine.

The Integrative Medicine Conference organised by the Cultural Association of the Dzogchen Community in Spain [Asociación Cultural de la Comunidad Dzogchen de España] and the School of Tibetan Medicine of the Shang Shung Institute is aimed at raising awareness and sharing the results of work undertaken by numerous integrated health professionals – both in Spain and overseas. It is addressed both to general audience interested in their health and professionals in the Health care system.

In the first Edition, the Conference was focused on the contributions made to the treatment of mental disorders and dementia by allopathic, Chinese, homoeopathic and Tibetan approaches to medicine. Professionals from all areas of medicine – psychiatry, homoeopathy, neurology, Chinese medicine, Tibetan medicine, etc. – took part in the event. In the Second Edition, the Conference focused on cancer.

The upcoming Edition, which will be happening in April 2016, during the days 15 and 16 of April, will gather, on the one hand, national and international experts on Integrative Medicine and, on the other hand, the different medical systems and professionals specialized in the treatment of Cardiovascular diseases so that they can dialogue and share their experience on how to deal with it from their different medical visions.